May - June 2016

Enrique & Letty Rodriguez

Dear Friends & Partners in Ministry

What a wonderful time we had the 1st week of June. As you might remember, a group of missionaries from Louisiana came to minister and being ambassadors of THE LORD. They did terrific, met new friends, minister door to door, played sports with the children and did vacation bibles school. My favorite day was when a ministry team was doing sports with the children and at the half time, Sommer, one of the participants shared the gospel with them, when giving the call, one of the children started to cry and request prayer for his family. It was a especial moment. A lot of them received THE LORD in their lives too.

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I was translating Caroline's testimonial during a Church Service.

The group was doing construction as well. They did paint 4 homes in 4 days. Awesome!

"Oasis Worship Team" played along with the Louisiana Worship Team. We had an Amazing Worship Service.

Sports Ministry. A terrific game. Mexico VS USA. Mexico Won! :) Well, we were able to share the gospel with this kids. That was AWESOME!

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Thank You!!

As always, we wouldn't be able to do this without you. THANK YOU for your prayers and support. "Your giving is a ministry of his grace to us". Your giving is changing the lives of so many people. We Love you all. Thank you for believing in our ministry.